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Company Overview

Bliss Tissue Manufacturing is 100% black female owned company, and we are determined to grow and rival the biggest of competitors in and around the country. Things are looking up as we have gained partnerships with some of biggest brands today in mining and cleaning companies, as well as governmental departments.

Our mission is as simple as, a successfull tissue manufacturing company 100% female owned brand dedicated to delivering quality toilet paper for every client we surve. we are mainly focusing on creating a brand that will have branches in each an every province around the country.

Committed to Excellence

Our Working Philosophy

Every year in our strategic planing, we set standards for ourselves that will bring success to the brand, we do not only want success but we also strive to give back to the community around us, more especially the less fortunate and organizations in need of support.

Our Core Values

Safety and the well being of our staff and our client is what we pride ourselves with, as we have undertaken great measures to enforce safety measures in our operations.

Our clients are our number one priority, hence we have set out to provide our customers with quality products timelesly in their request.

We excise

Our Leadership

Meet our dynamic team, the catalysts to our growing brand.